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MultiCS r82 beta-dirty Empty MultiCS r82 beta-dirty

em Dom 14 Abr 2019 - 20:26
Uma versão "limpa" do Multics que vos aconselho a usar... Wink

## Changelog

## r82-hellboy-V24-beta-dirty

- [FIX] Excluded from FAILBAN on ClusterCache, sometimes CSP Cache push was Banned.

- [ENH] Added posibility to FAILBAN for CCcam, MgCamd, Newcamd, ClusteCache, cs378x, Camd35 or as till yet for all together.

- [ENH] Only start TELNET thread when TELNET is enabled

- [ENH] Assign names to all threads started by multics to allow better troubleshooting

- [ENH] Read initial config from main proccess instead of reading it from the config thread (eliminates the need for sleep)

- [ENH] Added option -t to command line. With this option you can test your configuration files without fully starting multics. Before reporting any problem you should check you have no errors in your configuration files!!!

## r82-hellboy-V23-beta-dirty

- [FIX] Lower profiles will get cache hits now on servers with many profiles. Anyway be advised that the more profiles you add to multics the more processing power it takes on any multics version. No need to have America and Asia profiles if you live in Europe mate

- [ENH] Get full CACHE configuration including active peers to a text file by downloading from http://HOST:PORT/cache?action=config

- [ENH] Improve error messages when reading config files. Most messages will now show line and column of the config file where the error is detected. Suggestion: launch multics with -f -v and see output if it shows any errors/warnings in your config.

- [FIX] Added omitted CCcam Server versions "2.1.4", "2.2.0", "2.2.1".

- [FIX] Fixed if non valid version of CCcam Server was set, (caused segfault). Now it will set default to 2.0.11.

## r82-hellboy-V22-beta-dirty

- [ENH] Include list of iptables rules on webinterface, with the ability to remove any rule. To be used FAILBAN need to be enabled.

- [ENH] DNS thread improvement (code optimization)

## r82-hellboy-V21-beta-dirty

- [ENH] Show full options of cache peer in cache peer detail page on webinterface (fwd, csp, nominhits, etc)

- [ENH] Allow access to cache peer detail page on active CSP peers (protocol=0)

- [FIX] Remove FREECCCAM server from multics (no payservers please!)

- [ENH] Reenable cache peer disabled for MINHITS after nominhits=1 is added in config file for that peer

- [ENH] Reenable cache peer disabled for MINREPLIES after nominreplies=1 is added in config file for that peer


- [ENH] Show value of CACHEEX VALIDECMTIME for profiles in webinterface

- [FIX] Race condition made multics crash sometimes when removing a server from config

- [FIX] Race condition when disabling a cache peer for lowhits or lowreps made sometimes look the peer as alive in webinterface

- [CLN] Remove unused option autoadd from cache peer (not from cache, but from cache peer!!)

## r82-hellboy-V20-beta-dirty

- [CLN] Removed some more unused parts from code.

- [ENH] Show indication that cache peer has been disabled for lowhits or lowreps in webinterface. Colors and text will change. Sorry for the colors I'm not good with that, but that's what you have

- [ENH] Ignore newcamd extended messages in newcamd ports

- [ENH] Send keepalive caching to newcamd/mgcamd servers as r81

- [FIX] FAILBAN fix if unable to use IPTABLES, more clear and added info to IPTABLES about intruders.

- [ENH] Eliminate restriction of multiple peers from same IP if auto-add is enabled. It was implemented to protect multics from multiple shit peers connecting, but now with CACHE MINHITS and CACHE MINREPLIES we have a more granular method of auto-selecting our cache peers.

- [ENH] Added option to disable cache peer if doesn't supply a minimum number of hits per hour. Hits are computed by adding Cache Hits to Instant Hits. Hits are checked every 6 hours (and remember that replies are checked every 1 hour if you enable also CACHE MINREPLIES). By default it's disabled.

## r82-hellboy-V19-beta-dirty

- [ENH] Enable or Disable FAILBAN from config.

- [ENH] Send TELEGRAM message on ban with username and ip and protocol.

- [ENH] Show cache threshold setting in cache page

- [FIX] Fixed some bugs in cache

- [ENH] Added option to disable cache peer if doesn't supply a minimum number of replies per hour.

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